Sunday cooking

Sunday is my day off so I sometimes make a big effort to make delicious special things.

I made several things today, more than usual.

  • Chocolate brownie protein muffins
  • Vegetarian olive tapenade
  • Buffalo hot wings

The muffins turned out like a 6/10 at best. More like 5/10… they tasted like a chocolate PB protein bar at best, at worst I can taste the pea protein and I wish I would have used honey or sugar instead of stevia.

The tapenade turned out amazing, I went with a chunky style but I loved it so much. I've been meaning to make it for weeks and I finally did, everyone should make some it's so easy and delish. It's def going to be made or brought to the next party I attend.

And we shall see how the hot wings turn out. They're fried and resting in the buffalo sauce which was like 1 part butter 1.5 parts hot sauce. I plan on hearing them up again in the oven and re-tossing them in the buffalo sauce after. Never tried this double cooking method before and the last time I made wings was 10 years ago but I have high hopes.

That's all for today! Very excited!!


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