Fat Bombs.. My second try

I have been trying to create some low carb snacks that I can enjoy when a sugar craving hits.

Last night I created this great recipe! Which was taste tested immediately by my household, it was also tested by additional people the following morning. Total success.

The recipe and process is simple, you need a blender or a food processor to get the best result. An alternative for a no-blender situation would be to only purchase ground ingredients, not chunky or chopped but course (or fine) ground ingredients.

Important tip, a course meal mixture of ingredients is optimal but not absolutely required. Try to avoid wildly big chunks. Do your best and see what you think!

Ingredients (sorry no exact measurements):
– Cacao powder (unsweetend cocoa powder) 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup
– Stevia powder (I used Truvia) 3 packets (approx 1 tsp, *use less at first* and add more if you need to)
– Dehydrated Coconut Shreds UNsweetened 1/4 cup
– Chopped or Whole Walnuts (Cashews would be ok too, any soft nut really) 1 cup to be coursely ground (use your blender or food processor to achieve a course meal texture, stop grinding before it turns all the way into butter)
– Natural Peanut Butter 3 tbsp
– Flax Seed Ground 3 tbsp
– Chia Seed Ground 1 tbsp
– Butter (OR COCONUT OIL) 4 tbsp melted

Assembly process:

Grind Walnuts, add to large glass mixing bowl. Grind Flax and Chia seeds if not already purchased ground, add to Walnuts in mixing bowl. Add Coconut shreds, Cacao, and Stevia to mixing bowl. Add peanut butter to mixing bowl. Melt butter or coconut oil if not already in liquid state, add to mixing bowl and stir well until everything comes together.

If the mixture is not completely sticking to itself, it’s alright! Use your judgement to decide if you need more butter or more walnuts. The butter or coconut oil will solidify once it’s in the fridge so if the mixture is wet looking and sticking to itself enough to form a ball then it’s fine. I like to form one inch small balls with my hands, place them on a plate (this recipe should make at least 10), and pop them in the freezer for at least 20 mins.

The balls can also cool down in the fridge instead if you don’t want to eat them immediately, 45 mins should be long enough to wait for the mixture to solidify. Once you know they’re done forming up you can transfer them from the plate and keep them stored in an airtight container or ziploc bag for a few days max.

About 120 calories per ball, very low carb with approx 5g per ball.


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