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Veggie Enchilada Casserole!

Working from this Budget Bytes recipe – I am thrilled to have something cheap to share.

First things first, this can be vegan or just vegetarian completely based on the cheeze or cheese you select. I went with regular cheddar non-vegan cheese when I made mine because we have really no vegan cheeze options here in Costa Rica where I live. Use a cheeze you are comfortable with if you are going to make this vegan, a weird flavor might alter the taste of the entire dish. Go with a cheddar flavor for sure, and something that melts will probably be your friend for this casserole.

This takes awhile to prep and cook but is worth the 1-2 hours if you want to serve a few friends or your family something hot, cheesy and filling. I use homemade black beans for this recipe which I soaked and cooked in advance. You can use canned black beans if you’d prefer. Also, I opted out of cilantro completely for my casserole, that is your biz as well.. just not into it personally. You could also use other peppers if you don’t have access to the ones recommended in the recipe (I used sliced jalapenos). Other than that, I love this recipe as it is!

enchilada casserole

Click over to this hot, delicious Veggie Enchilada recipe now!


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