Soup like things

Broccoli Cheddar Chowder! 

This is better than soup. I was looking for a recipe for some broccoli cheese soup when I stumbled upon it after adding the word potato into my google search. 

Original recipe

Turns out adding potatoes transforms a soup into a chowder! Amazing! 

My tweaks for the original recipe include: 

  • Used water instead of chicken stock. 
  • Did not use celery (only because I did not have any and I don’t like it)
  • Did not use heavy cream (again only because I did not have any) 
  • Used whole milk instead of regular milk 
  • Did not use Parmesan cheese (and of course this was only because I did not have any)

Final tip: I halved the recipe. This made about 4 bowls worth , so 4 servings.

Took about an hour to make including prep. Making the cream sauce while cooking the veggies required some skill development on the fly. “Stir constantly” is not something I’m great at but the cream sauce turned out amazing despite my shortcomings and lack of heavy cream. 

If you live in a cold place, this will warm you up and comfort the hell out of you. Enjoy! 


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