This is my amazing second Scoby
I’m growing it so that I can eventually have more than one batch of kombucha brewing at once.

This SCOBY was actually started at the same time as my full sized SCOBY but I tried green tea instead of black and got a less happy SCOBY. He is growing, just slowly. I recently fed him some new black tea & sugar so hopefully some more growth will come soon.

I have been brewing kombucha for about 7 months now, while I did have some brewing in my house 3 years ago I was not involved in the brewing process until this year. It’s really simple and wonderful and I am so happy that I get to do it in Costa Rica. When I moved here I thought I would never see Kombucha again outside of the US but  I was wrong, there are a few small brewers down here and they make my life so much better. I grew both of my SCOBYs from the single bottles of a local small batch brewer who I met at an organic farmers market. Incredible. SO happy kombucha has made it to Costa Rica.


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